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I am doing a PhD in Health Psychology and Community Health at the Doctoral School of Burundi in collaboration with UCLouvain, the social and human sciences programme

This is the third year that I know Centre Placet: first time from September 2018 to November 2018, second time from April 2019 to July 2019 and third time from March 2020 to August 2020.

Centre Placet has welcomed me and accompanied me in my daily life. The centre provides the internet connection, small kitchen equipment and guidance in other services that the residents might need. Personally, I really appreciated the help and the support I received during the preparation and facilitation of an exchange workshop on the theme of "Managing a health crisis: Similarities between HIV/AIDS and COVID-19, the case of Burund". I really appreciate the collaboration with the staff of this Centre. I wish them courage and good continuation of their mission.

Dr. Bonaventure Nikoyandoye, August 2020
Exposé sur la gestion d'une crise sanitaire au Burundi : similarités entre le VIH et le COVID-19
I came to Centre Placet in October 2017, a few days after landing in Belgium.
I am originally from Benin.

I am doing my Master’s 120 in Ethics and Public Policy at the Faculty of Philosophy of UCLouvain and I am going to enroll for a PhD in Philosophy of Nature. It took me some time to adapt to life in the hostel and the ARP (Association des Résidents du Placet) officials at the time helped me to integrate. The first Placet activity I attended was Nicolas’ (Delbar) digital creation workshop.

By becoming president of the ARP, I became more involved in the center’s activities. The Internet and Wi-Fi is good; it is a service that residents appreciate very much. Housing assistance should be promoted.

Alain Linsoussi, August 2020
I testify as a resident of Placet: I am from Guinea and I am in a Master’s degree in Labour Sciences. I arrived at the accommodation on 2 September 2019. I benefit from the services and other advantages offered to Placet residents.

Kadiata Barry, August 2020
My name is Perla Massó, I am from Cuba and I arrived in the academic year 2016-2017. I was a placement student, because I was doing a Master’s degree in Development, Environment and Society at UCLouvain with an ARES scholarship, and from that period, I have the most beautiful memories of you.

Now I am a doctoral student at the University of Barcelona, Spain, and I will be at UCLouvain as a visiting researcher during the next months of February, March and April.

Perla Massó, September 2020
I came from Ecuador to Louvain-la-Neuve in 1992 and entered the Faculty of Engineering at University of Louvain to pursue a Master’s degree.

I arrived at Placet in 1993, when we got a comfortable flat for me and my three children. I found at Placet a warm welcome and a multicultural atmosphere that my children and I very quickly appreciated.

I remember that our children's birthdays were celebrated in one of Placet’s rooms with the appropriate reservations. My husband, who until then had already joined the family, celebrated his 40th birthday there and we celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the Placet family with many friends from several African, Latin American and Arab countries. We enjoyed participating in the coordination of Placet. I do not remember all the plans we made. I remember the community bus trips to Holland, Prague, and Cologne ... and I still remember working to better integrate different nationalities, to understand our differences and appreciate our diversity.

Even today, my children still remember Centre Placet with affection. We continue to value the friendship of friends in the present. I returned to LLN for a while and the momentum I learned at Placet has not disappeared: I am now a local councilor for the town of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve.

Cecilia Torres, October 2020
Photo taken on the courtesy of the town of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve
I arrived at Placet in 2008 (Editor’s note: Bora came to Belgium from the Democratic Republic of Congo with his mother, a Placet resident student at the time, he was 15 years old).

David (Amram, coordinator of the CEC of the Placet Centre) supervised us and took us on a tour of Belgium (Blankenberg, Dinant, and Flanders); we also went camping and photoshootings as models.

Thanks to David, I was able to go after my dreams full of audacity. I am now a consultant for the African Union and the European Union.

Bora K., child of a student at the Placet Centre in 2008, December 2020
Testimony in video for Bora.
Thanks to Placet for the space (Editor’s note: virtual, the workshop took place as a webinar on Zoom and on Facebook) which allowed me to present the results of my research started in 2016.


It is a feeling of satisfaction, in this context of Covid, that Placet was able to make this moment available. I would like to thank Isabel (Alvarez, sociologist and resident support worker at the Centre Placet), the Placet team and the participants (at the webinar).

Espoir Kalambi Bisimwa is a Congolese doctoral student (Democratic Republic of Congo) from UCLouvain, at the Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Prospective (LAAP). In the context of an exchange workshop on "the study of sexual violence of the Mai-Mai tribes in South Kivu (DRC)”, he was able to testify about the support of the Placet Centre for the presentation and promotion of his research..

Espoir Kalambi Bisimwa, December 2020
Webinar on sexual violence in South Kivu: the case of the Mai-Mai tribes.
My name is Yves Nyague and I am from Cameroon.

In Cameroon, I studied Bilingual Literature (English-French). After this curriculum, I had the opportunity to pursue my studies in Spain, more precisely at the Université du Pays Basque (Vitoria), from where I obtained my Master's degree in "Language Acquisition in Multilingual Settings.

En ce moment, je fais un Master en Langues et Lettres Modernes, orientation générale, à finalité didactique (ROGE2MD) à l'Université Catholique de Louvain et j'ai la chance d'être un résident du Placet.

Now, I am doing a Master's degree in Modern Languages and Humanities, general orientation, with a didactic focus (ROGE2MD) at the University of Louvain and I am lucky enough to be a resident of Centre Placet. Why do I say that I am lucky ? It is since I have been well received in this environment and so far, the team is always listening. I will not fail to mention the activity that marks me the most at Centre Placet: Friday football. Thanks to this activity, I met my best friends.

Moreover, the Grand hall has always been my favourite place for course revision and exams.

In short, at Centre Placet, I feel well surrounded by people with values similar to mine, which are love, respect, equity, peace, responsibility, and tolerance.

Yves Nyage, March 2021
Having arrived at UCLouvain in 2007 for a Master's degree (2007-2009) and a Ph.D. (2009-2013) in psychological sciences,, I lived in Centre Placet from 2008 to 2013. During five years, my experience at Centre Placet was rich and memorable.

I was particularly impressed by the warm welcome adapted to my needs as an international student, especially with a family. Centre Placet offered me a wonderful and family development beyond the academic, the intercultural, and the international.

Together with my family, we were able to benefit from dignified and optimal conditions for a family-study balance abroad. It is not for nothing that that my children born in Centre Placet identify themselves as Belgians, support Belgian Red Devils football team, identify with Kevin De Bruyne... Centre Placet has something to do with this Belgian anchoring !

Personally, Centre Placet has offered me many opportunities, including the possibility to enjoy my favourite hobby, basketball. By supporting this activity, among others, Centre Placet has allowed me to continue combining business with pleasure, far from my homeland.

Furthermore, by participating in the ARP as a commissioner for sports and cultural affairs, I was able to benefit from an enriching involvement in organizations and community and multicultural meetings.

A multicultural richness that is of great interest in my daily professional life as a psychologist. Indeed, thanks to my Burundian-Belgo-Canadian background, and especially my multicultural encounter at Centre Placet, I am equipped with a rich and diversified multicultural listening experience for the benefit of my career as a clinical psychologist in Quebec.

I do thank Centre Placet for continuing to foster this personal, academic, family, multicultural, international... development of the residents..

Dr. Alexis Ndimubandi, April 2021