Centre Placet ASBL - Rue des Sports 2, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)

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Welcome to Centre Placet, the international hostel of UCLouvain and a place for intercultural exchange.


At the beginning of the academic year, a team of 4 students is elected by all Placet residents.

For a period of one year, the president of members of this team participate on the General Assembly of Centre Placet asbl. They are the spokespersons, within these two bodies, of the students living at Centre Placet. The ARP committee collaborates with Centre Placet team on activities for Placet residents. It has multiple roles of information, mobilisation for participation in activities, advocacy and awareness for the well-being of residents, and organisation of activities. These activities respond to the expectations and needs of the residents. They include, for example, sports activities, excursions or trips, community and/or cultural celebrations.


Eric Havyarimana, Valisoa Laura Raoliaritsimba, Cameroon Tiati A Biscene,  Yves Nzounkio Nyague.

Elected members of the ARP for the year 2023-2024

Chairwoman, Responsible of the Coordination : Cameroon Tiati A Biscene
Responsible of the Sports Commission : Yves Nzounkio Nyague
Responsible of the Social Commission : Eric Havyarimana
Responsible of the Cultural Commission : Valisoa Laura Raoliaritsimba